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Closing Event for David Joseph & john manzi

Final opportunity to view photographic artists john manzi & David Joseph's current shows at SQUARE PEG GALLERY.  Both shows will travel to Rafius Fane Gallery in Boston's SOWA district in 2016.


Worlds Within Worlds

john manzi's photographs of objects in nature challenge the eye to explore the possibility of more; of the effect of moving to a different facet of the diamond through which we peer. 

They open us to an emotional awareness of things, which, though usually missed, exists.  And, once glimpsed, spontaneously evokes a very real visceral, emotional reaction.


Morning Joe

David Joseph has always been searching for different ways to capture the beauty of the everyday object, and then communicate that beauty to others.  A few years ago he began to document the abandoned coffee cups that he found casually discarded on the streets of Manhatttan.  

With the Morning Joe series, Joseph challenges you to reconsider what you see everyday, questioning what is trash and what is beauty, or can something be both?